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Why are some cyclists better at climbing than others?

Previously I discussed how your muscles fibres can determine your strengths as a cyclist but there are other ways in which we can define our strengths. How are some people naturally better at climbing than others? A lot of it comes down to weight. You can be a powerful cyclist on the flat, but when you come to a hill everyone passes you?

Power to Weight Ratio

Generally the greatest climbers in cycling are small, they have less weight to carry up the hill, but the other factor is their power. By loosing weight you will not automatically become a faster cyclist up hills, you need to build the power and become a stronger cyclist also. If fact by drastically loosing weight you could also loose a lot of your strength that you worked so hard to build and being too slim can cause other health problems that will stop you in your tracks.

If you have weight to loose my advice would be to loose weight gradually at around half a kilo a week. To build your strength on the hills do interval training or just repeats of the hill to become a stronger cyclist.

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