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Why Are We Always trying to Keep Up?

I think for many of us we hate being the cyclist at the back. Why are we always trying to keep up?

Well maybe we are always trying to get stronger. It is a great thing to have the passion and drive to want to improve.

Mindset is always an important tool to build self confidence. Always telling yourself that you are the one at the back is not going to make you feel great.

Remind yourself who you are riding with

If you are a riding with a group of men as we often are, it's not fair to compare yourself to them. That's why is it great to create female groups, where it's not so much about keeping up with those stronger than us, but about learning from one another. If you are riding with a group of more experienced women, don't complain that you are trying to keep up, be grateful that they are helping you grow.

You are always going to find cyclists faster than you and you will also find cyclists slower than you!

If you are really are fed up of having to keep up, take the easy option, go with cyclists that are slower than you. It really will boost confidence!

Develop your group riding skills

You can save a load of energy and ride more efficiently by improving your group riding skills, by drafting and placing yourself correctly in the group. You don't have to be focused on keeping up, but thinking more strategically.

Change your Mindset

Rather than complaining that you are always trying to keep up, tell yourself that you are a determined and strong cyclist!

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