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Why Competitive Sport is Healthy

When we say competitive sport we don't mean that you you need to go pro race the Tour de France. It could be doing a sportive or gran fondo, entering a charity ride, but what is usually comes down to is beating own personal best, by cycling further, cycling faster or getting out your comfort zone.

Being competitive in cycling can be healthy because it gives us a sense of belonging within a community. If you do a race, you are there with others doing the same thing. If you are exploring new roads, you know others have cycled them before you and after you. If you are trying to further your distance, chances are other have done the same.

We all have our unique strengths

The more we focus on our goals and journey, the more we get to understand our unique strengths, struggles and frustrations. No two people are built the same. Some of us will do well on the climbs, some of us can put the power down on the flat and some of us are great technically. We can also all make improvements and work at providing a supportive platform among fellow cyclists.

We understand hard work gets rewards

Most of us don't get paid to get better at cycling, but we do it anyway. It just goes to show we are not always ruled by financial rewards. Personal development can just make us more happier people. Having the skills to keep going when it gets tough helps is deal with whatever life might throw at us.

Our cycling camps are a great way to develop yourself in the company of other women that share your passion or if you want 1-1 guidance we can help you 365 days of the year with our online cycle coaching. Book a free discovery call to talk with us about your goals.

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