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Why Consistency is Key... and why we struggle with it.

For many women that start coaching with us they identify early on that one of their goals is to cycle consistency. Not only to maintain and build the strength that they have, but to also give us that regular time and enjoyment on the bike, from time with ourselves and also having the confidence to keep up with groups.

On a physical level why is consistent and regular training important?

When we train for some time, our body starts to adapt and grows stronger as it gets used to the strain. Many of us become keen to get better and can do too much initially, then drop off, often due to fatigue or even sickness and because of the increased level of stress on the body. As we age this can get worse and it gets harder to build up your fitness from 0, as your body does need more time to recover. That does not mean that as we get older we can't achieve a lot on the bike. It's just means that we need to pay more attention to our levels or strain and recovery and keep it consistent as we won't bounce back as quickly as we did when we were younger.

On a psychological level why is consistent and regular training important?

Routine is always good and can give us a great sense of confidence. If you go out regularly on your group ride, you know what to expect. You know what you are capable of and you know what you want to achieve next. You are regularly giving yourself that release and meditation on the bike, taking you away from all the responsibilities you have in life... ready to take on the world.

Why do we struggle with consistency?

We live in a fast paced life full of expectations and options. We get paralysed by choice. Set some goals, be discipled and free yourself from distractions.

If you would to explore the support of a coach to help you become a more consistent cyclist Book a Free Discovery Call with me!

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