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Why Cycling is Great for Women as we Age

More than ever we are seeing more female cyclist and more women are cycling well onto their later years. For many of us we started off as runners, but found that cycling is more kinder on the bodies. Here are just a few benefits of why we should keen cycling throughout our lives.

Cycling is Good For Your Immune System

By now it is apparent that the older generations are more vulnerable to viruses. By building a strong immune system have a better change of fighting viruses. Naturally our immune response declines as we age, but studies have shown that 80 year old cyclist can produce as many T cells ( the cells responsible for fighting viruses) as those in their 20´s.

We Have More Time

Once we retire or give up the responsibility of parenthood. We have more time to dedicate to ourselves and putting the hours in on our bikes. We can live the life of a full time athlete if we want.

It Can Be an Antidote to Weight Gain

Many of us have experienced weight gain as we reach menopause. Cycling is a great way to combat weightloss and feel great not only about how your body looks but what it can do!

Cycling is Not Demanding on Your joints!

Because cycling does not put strain on our joints like running does, you can keep going as long as your heart allows and cover 100's of km.

It Forced Us to Keep Up with Technology

Where would we be without Strava? Cycling forces us to not only feel young on the bike, but gets us out of our comfort zone when it comes to tech.

Here are only a few benefits of cycling well into your later years. But don't ever use "CAN´T" in combination with "BECAUSE OF MY AGE" when it comes to cycling!

The women we train and come on our camps are generally aged between 30's and 60's with a passion to be fit and strong, well into their later lives.

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