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Why Do So Many Women Ride Alone?

After talking with so many women about cycling and their goals, many ride alone and also tell me that they see so many other women riding alone also.

The reason I can think of this is that cycling is very dominated with men and women just find it hard to find their place within cycle culture.

Here are some experiences that I have found have come up often with female cyclists....

  • If you look at the typical cycling club you see many levels all suited to the male rider. Whist women are stuck between having to fit between the beginners group and are not quite strong enough to manage the next group up.

  • You are with a group of female riders, but you want to get stronger whist the rest of the group want to carry on doing the same thing.

  • You join a women's only ride, but the ranges of ability is just so huge that it gets frustrating.

  • You enter a race, the same problem. The range of ability is so huge that it doesn't feel like a race, you are riding alone.

  • You cycle with your partner, he is always telling you to push harder and ride faster as he is waiting at the top of the hill for you.

There are some benefits to cycling alone. But it's always nice to have the option of a group of like minded women that you can share your experiences with. Cycling is getting more popular for women and depending on what part of the world you are in, different opportunities are out there.

But we can all keep taking up opportunities to raise the profile for female cyclists. So look whats around in your local area to connect with other female cyclists.

Girls Get Strong Cycling can help you get stronger on your bike to keep up with the boys and also offer female only cycling camps to help empower us and build the confidence as female cyclists. Book a free Discovery Call to talk with us about your goals

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