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Why is Cycling So Addictive?

For many of us we start cycling to improve our fitness, then before long we get addicted. What started as a means to get around or to keep off a few pounds suddenly turns into a way of life. You end spending more on lycra than on your 'normal' closes. Every weekend is spent out on your bike and you are constantly searching on how to get better. So why is it so addictive?

Your Release Happy Hormones

When you do any form of exercise you release happy hormones called endorphins. These hormones relieve stress and pain. Do you notice that even if you didn't feel like getting out on your bike you always come home a happier person and less stressed person.

Being in Nature in Restorative

Training in nature can also reduce negative emotions, such as fear, anger and stress. It helps us feel connected with ourselves and more grounded.

It Takes us to a Flow State

By doing repetitive tasks such as cycling, walking can make us be more creative people. It gives us the space to let our ideas flow.

We Feel Part of a Tribe

By defining ourselves as cyclists we can meet like minded people with the same passionate and positive attitudes as ourselves.

We can be the best versions of ourselves

Cycling gives us the opportunity to work on improving ourselves in so many ways. We can learn from others, improve our fitness, technique on the bike, not to mention all the technical side to bike. Developing ourselves can lead to becoming a more confident person.

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