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Why it is Important to Set Goals for Ourselves?

With less than a week left of 2023 it's a great time to set our goals for 2024. But why is it good to set ourself goals. Mark Lewis writes in his book "The Biology of Desire" that without goals we just become addicts and can create unhealthy habits to seek strong feelings of pleasure that ultimately do not give us what we really desire.

At the end of the day we are habitual beings and without the focus of goals to work towards we can be led to unhealthy rituals that are neither pleasurable or beneficial for our self development. This could be from unhealthy eating, scrolling through social media, drinking, watching TV or even our cycling itself could transform to another addiction in the terms of overtraining that be damaging, this can be resolved through following the correct training structure and by allowing for adequate recovery.

To ensure you follow the right path for 2024 set you own goals.

  • Give up any expectations and ensure you goals are personal to you. You are not going to commit to living up so someone else's life.

  • Set goals that will help define the person that you want to be

  • Set yourself a path to help you get there with mini goals along the way

  • Find out what will motivate you to keep on track, set up personal rewards to yourself for reaching small milestones.

  • Keep those that can help keep you accountable close!

  • If things don't go as planned, (there are strong chances it will happen at some point) see it as a learning exercise rather than failure.

It's better to fail trying than to not try at all!

Let us help you succeed in being the best cyclist you can be in 2024 with having a cycling coach. To talk with me about your goals for 2024 book a free Discovery Call

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