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Why More Women Should Race

If you are a women that has competed in a race, you have probably noticed how under represented we are. I can expect that you have experience all or some of the following.

  • The gap in ability is huge, it's just you and a couple of girls that there is no hope in catching up with.

  • You have to race with men and again, because of the unfair advantage there is no hope of keeping up with them, especially if you are only just starting out.

  • You end up on the podium just as you are the only woman that turned up.

I have experienced all of these many times over and I fully understand why women are put off by racing. I remind myself that for every race I learn something new and are continually improving as a result.

The more women that race the more opportunities we have. Cyclist of any age can race their bike, we just need others to compete with.

Share in the comments, what is your experience of racing?

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