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Why Slow is Good When Weight Training

Updated: May 6

If you want to add weight training to help you as a cyclist, although it should be practiced all year round, the winter is a great time to start the habit whilst it is harder to get out on your bike.

For us cyclist, we are mentally trained to understand that fast and getting out of breath is a sign of an effective training session.

Weight training is different as it is not so much a cardiovascular exercise. You are training you body to get stronger and need to focus on the correct muscles. Correct technique is very important the goal is not to do as many reps as possible, but to do the full movement and push the resistance in the correct points of you body to enable you to get stronger.

Adequate rest is also very important between sets, although you may not feel out of breath, you body needs to recover in terms of your nervous system.

In fact many clients at Get Strong Performance struggle to feel like they are getting a work out.... until they wake up the next day with sore muscles. That's when they know they worked hard enough, if weight training teaches you anything, it teaches you to be patient.

You do also help your cardiovascular system whilst weight training, through something called the valsalva manoeuvre, which not only helps with your technique but also ensures your breath in very deep into your organs.

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