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Why Starting Out Cycling Is Hard, But Also So Rewarding

Getting started with cycling can be a challenge. But once you set out on your mission it can be very rewarding. Before you know it you will be hooked, like many women around the world that have cycling as part of a happy and healthy lifestyle. You will be doing things that you once thought impossible.

Carving Time Out of Your Day

In terms of time efficiency, we know cycling is not the most time efficient sport. However, once you do start embarking on your cycling journey you will start to realise that there is so much more time in your day. Instead of the daily grind of work and chores you can start to add and priorities activities that you actually get pleasure from, give you a sense of freedom and have the awareness that you can doing something that is going to give you a more fulfilling lifestyle.

The Distances Seem Daunting

Many cyclists get stuck on doing certain distances or don't feel safe to venture on new routes. Completing a 100km ride may seem impossible right now, but we believe it is something anyone can do with the correct progression and mindset. Firstly it's a case of carving out the time. Ideally if you can get out 2 times a week or more. Just a short ride in the week and at the weekend increase the distance each week. Research routes in your local area, with apps like Strava and ridewithGPS you can follow your GPS. If you are worried about traffic you may want to drive out or take the train to roads with less traffic. Also look in your local area for groups that welcome cyclists new to the sport, and particularly women only groups.

You Are The One at the Back

I think everyones first experience joining a group is one that is full of anxiety. I don't know how many times I have heard a women say that they don't want to hold everyone up. People set up groups and join as they want people to ride with, so even if you are the one at the back you will be there to form the group. You may be pushed to work harder, but being around other cyclists is a great experience physically and mentally. Some groups are not going to be for you, but make the time to connect and you will find your tribe.

Being Overwhelmed With What Kit You Need

Cycling can feel overwhelming with all the technology and kit available. We also know that some shops are not particularly beginner and women friendly. To start out in cycling all you need is a bike, any bike, a helmet and the will to get out and use it. After that invest in upgrading in your own time. Things like a GPS, we find Wahoo to be the most user friendly will help you get around and log your rides. Then don't be afraid of the drop handlebars and thin tyres of a road bike. Having a lighter frame will benefit you on the roads, it won't take you long to feel comfortable and feel the benefits. The clip in shoes will help you as a cyclist, so take the steps to feel confident in them when you are ready.

Once you start embarking on your journey, it is so rewarding when you complete certain distances and you know you have done it through your dedication and determination. Chances are that you will meet some great friends along the journey.

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