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Why You Might Be Struggling for Motivation Right Now

Although we have a love for cycling a time we sometime feel less motived than others. If you are passionate about improving yourself as a cyclist then it's always good to try and discover why you are less motivated in a bid to overcome it and get back on track. Here are some reasons that you may be experiencing right now and some remedies to help you get back on track.

The weather

As most cyclists are lovers of the outdoors. It does come with uncertainty and bad weather. If you want to see improvements over year to year, ensure you have a plan set up for bad weather, as it is inevitable. Either, be adaptable with your schedule, make sure you get out whatever the weather (unless there is ice, it's not worth the risk). Or train indoors with an indoor trainer.

Lack of Group Rides

Due to covid restrictions and riding with more than one prohibited would be likely to cause some lack of motivation. Although we should not really compare ourselves to other, our fellow cyclist can offer support and inspiration to push us harder. Keep in touch with your cycling friends in other ways to keep your spirits alive.

Uncertainty and cancellation on races and events

There is nothing worse than having the excitement of a race and ready to start your training to find out that it's not going to happen for another year or just not knowing the date. Remember everyone is in the same position and when the events do happen you want to be in good shape, so focus now and you will be rewarded when the events do happen.

Life does pose many challenges for us at the moment, but keep focusing on what matters and good things will come to you.

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