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Why You Should have Recovery Days

Are you trying to fit training into every spare moment you have?

Are you finding that you are running on adrenaline?

Do you find that you are training all the time and no longer making progress?

Are you getting to the point that you need to take an entire week to recover?

Do you have days where you are just not enjoying cycling and it feels harder than it should?

The answer might be that you are not taking the time to give yourself recovery days.

Why are recovery days important?

Well they do just that. They are days dedicated to your body recovering from the training you have done. Training does cause a lot of stress to the body. Ultimately you will get stronger from the training. However, for a period of time your immune system may be lower and you will feel weak. So put your feet up regularly and let yourself recover.

How often should you take recovery days?

Don’t wait until you feel you just can’t go another day. Take at least 1 day off to do nothing a week and another day with very little training. But, 2 days a week of complete rest could be required. In addition, every 4 to 5 weeks, make sure you have a week that is easier than usual. The pro’s take rest days, so you should too.

What benefits will I gain from taking recovery days?

You will be able to perform better on your bike. You will have more energy to put into your rides and you should find that you get faster over time.

For help with getting a structured plan to ensure you get your rest days, book a free discovery call.

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