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Why You Should Learn to Ride in a Group

There are so many different aspects of cycling, our speed, our bike handling skills, our fitness and exploring new places and enjoying being sociable with other cyclists. Group riding can feel intimidating and daunting at times, but if fact is a safe and rewarding aspect of cycling.

The concept

When you ride as a group you are protecting yourself from one of the biggest things that provides resistance to your speed, which is wind. Where you position yourself in the group can depend on the impact. In addition you practice the concept from drafting, in which you achieve through riding behind the wheel in front on you.

How to master it

It can take time to build up confidence to ride as a group. It is quite normal if initially you find it quite scary. You can practice with a friend by just taking it in turns to follow each others wheel. Make sure that if you are in front to communicate if you see any hazards or you need to change the speed. If you are at the back keep directly behind the wheel of the rider in front, not to the side. Focus on the movements and directions of the rider in front. The best way to perfect group riding is with a club.

The benefits

Through group riding there are tones of benefits, from the social aspect to the confidence you will gain through riding your bike. The main benefit is that you get to go faster. So, if you feel that you are potentially one of the slowest in the group, but mastering group riding there is less chance of you getting left behind.

To talk with me about improving your cycling or joining one of our cycling camps where we teach you to ride well in a group Book a Free Discovery Call

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