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Winter in Mallorca

I feel very lucky to experience Mallorca all through the seasons. Mallorca does have a varied climate throughout the year. From 40 degree heat and high humidity in the summer to potentially snow topped mountains during the winter. One thing that we do have in Mallorca is 300 days of sunshine each year... and the amazing roads are here all year round!

Winter in Mallorca can be a wonderful time of year. Personally I like it as it's very relaxing, although you do need to wrap up a little, chances are you will cycling under the sunshine and can peel off a few layers as the day goes on.

Here are a few reasons that a winter escape to Mallorca is well worth it:

With a lack of the summer tourist the roads are very quiet. You won't have to battle the switch backs with the tourist coaches. Nor have to deal with the drivers in their hire cars standing in the way of your strava segment. On a trip to Sa Calobra I've experienced only 1 or 2 cars the while way up.

You feel more like a local. The majority of cycle tourists tend to come in November and April/May. Mallorca has a huge cycling community and you really notice them during the winter months. With the many over the over priced cafes closed over the winter. You are forced to experience and explore where the locals go!

Mallorca is a beautiful place to explore any time of year, with the rainier times of year tending to be November and April. Winter does offer many days of sunshine and the light can be beautiful to create some great photos (without a load of tourists and cars in the background). I'm sure you will be the envy of all of friends back home.

Although there are less flights operating during the winter months, you can often pick up a flight for €10!

If you want to enjoy a cycling in Mallorca with like minded women Book a Free Discovery Call

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