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Winter Training Goals

Updated: May 6

Are you feeling frustrated that you are not getting as much training as you did over the summer?

Don’t worry, winter training does have a different focus.

The goal right now is to put yourself in a better place that you were last Spring.


Recover from any intense training or racing over the past summer.

Really take the time to ensure that you are getting enough sleep and recovery days. So don’t feel guilty if you cannot get out as much as you usually would.


Build up a good endurance base. By that go on long rides, but don’t feel you need to push yourself to go fast and beat everyone up the hills. Enjoy the time out on your bike with friends.


Set your goals for next year. Are there any events you want to do. Complete a distance in a certain time? Start racing? Even if events get cancelled have the plan to train for it and your fitness will be all the better for it.

Priority. 4

Introduce new training that could help you as a cyclist, such as strength training and adapting your nutritional habits. However, this should be something that you should commit to throughout the year, it’s not overly beneficial to just do over the winter period in place of cycling.

Coach Elspeth’s advice

Keep cycling regularly, but take the pressure off. Enjoy the fitness you have achieved through the summer training. Even if you just keep cycling through the winter chances are you will be a fitter, better recovered cyclist with more energy to push yourself come spring.

Share in the comments, what do you like about winter cycle training?

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