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Client Story - Caroline riding London - Edinburgh - London

We are so proud of Caroline who is an experienced audaxer and took on the challenge of London - Edinburgh - London which is an epic event, that does just as it names says. Carol cycled the 1540km route with 14000m on climbing that started in London took her to Edinburgh and all the way back to London.

Here's Caroline's personal account of the event and her journey as a audax rider.

I’ve been a member of my local cycling club Crewe Clarion Wheelers for over ten years and eventually managed to ride the whole of the Sunday club run with the group. It took a while. Since then, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed cycling with the club and the friendships and riding challenges it’s brought with it.

London Edinburgh London had been a ride I’d often thought about. But it was further than anything I’d rode in the past. In 2017 I joined Audax UK, put a saddlebag on my bike, and started to ride longer distances. Learning from experience and advice from other riders on the logistics of longer rides

In February 2022, I attended a GGSC cycling camp and I thoroughly enjoyed my week in Majorca with Elspeth, Rachel, Iggy and Steve and decided to have a coach. My riding style was assessed on the camp and the changes recommended made a difference to my riding during that week. Rachel was assigned as my coach and on our calls discussed nutrition, clothing, technique, attitude and much more. New ideas were introduced and the rationale for them. Each week she sent me a training plan. I found this gave structure to my riding. It also worked around my work and home life, so it never felt as though it was taking over.

On the 7th August 2022 I set off from Debden London with my life in my saddlebag (luxury item No7 face cream) for the journey to Edinburgh and back to London. It was tough but made easier with the support of other riders, volunteers on the route, pop up cafes and people cheering us on as we passed through.

It’s one way of getting away from real life. I found there was only time to think about riding, the scenery, (which is stunning in parts, more than can be said for some of the roads)! Chats with other riders also pass the time as well as planning where to rest eat, wash, and sleep. Oh, and regular bum cream and suncream!

On the 12th August at 16.58hours rode into the finish in London, well within the allowed time.

A special thanks to Rachel for her advice and support throughout the programme. I’m not sure what percentage my speed increased but I felt it made life easier on the road. Even allowing a stop at a pub approximately 20k from the finish for a drink due to the heat and two old guys smoking rollups maybe still trying to work out the ride!

If you are interested to have the support of a coach to take you to new challenges Book a Free Discovery Call

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