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How Do I Know if I am Working Hard Enough?

Updated: May 6

I get asked this question from my clients a lot. I tell them if you are asking me this question, chances are you are conscious of the need to work hard and are acting on it appropriately.

But, it’s a difficult question. Everyone has their own version of hard work and how much they can suffer until it’s enough. Plus there are so many different variables to consider.

  • Distance of the ride

  • Intensity of the ride

  • Weekly distance

  • How well recovered you are

Signs that you are working hard

  • You can’t breathe

  • Your legs hurt

  • You just can’t push more

  • You feel sick

  • Time moves very slowly, seconds go on forever

  • You fear it

  • You shout at yourself

  • You reveal your pain face

When should you work hard

Hard can’t work hard all of the time. It is a skill to consciously change the levels of intensity during your rides. Sometimes you don’t need to be working hard, but sometimes you need to. If you have a coach or not, try to have a plan of action for each ride, what is the purpose and review how you feel and if you worked harder than usual.

I discussed in a previous post about Why We Like to Suffer, the more you push yourself is the more you can withstand the suffering. Practicing mindfulness and meditation exercises can really help with engaging with yourself and how to dig in deep when you need it. It will also help with telling you when it’s time to rest and you are not performing well due to tiredness. I will be sharing some tips in a later post.

The most important thing to consider is, be patient and review that you are making progress towards your goals.

Book a Free Discover Call with me to help know when you should be working hard.

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