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How often should I cycle?

Updated: Feb 15

Are you often asking yourself how often you should be cycling to achieve your goals?

There is no one answer, but whatever you are doing you want to only increase it gradually to improve your fitness. You can cycle 3 times a week and make some huge changes in your fitness with the right training. Even getting out 1 time a week is better than doing nothing. But the more that you make it a regular habit, the easier it is to stick to. I would not suggest cycling more than 5 times a week. Give yourself at least 2 days a week off cycling and at least one day of rest.

Be consistent

Above all it is important to have a consistent plan. Set yourself realistic goals each week. Set yourself a weekly mileage goal, times out on what you know you can stick to each week. For more guidance read my post on how to be consistent.

Be aware of the time of year

In the winter it is understandable if you are not able to cycle as much as the summer months. It’s cold and it’s dark. Don’t give yourself a hard time about it!

Let cycling be a destress in your life

Push yourself to get out cycling when you don’t feel like it. You know you will come home in a better mood. Mentally pushing through these boundaries will help you.

Take time to recover

Allow yourself some rest days and be recovered for your training sessions.

Set some challenges

Set yourself some challenges and work your way up to achieving it or just getting better at it.

Keep a journal

Keep track on the days you have been cycling and build upon your longest rides and time on your bike.

Start Interval Training

Not only will more time on your bike improve your fitness, but also the intensity that you ride, so start including some intervals to your rides so you work harder. Look out for future posts on some interval workouts you can do outdoors or on a turbo trainer.

Share in the comments, how often do you get out cycling?

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