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How Shorter Rides Can Make You Stronger

With cycling being an endurance sport theres is always that motivation to want to cycle further and for longer. However, only focusing on long rides is not always the best often, even if our goal is to take on distance challenges. It really is amazing how much distance we can cover on a bike.

The problem is when you only focus on going for longer you are training only one energy system and also tiring yourself out on that energy system. You will tend to reach a plateau and find that you are just not going faster and not recovering well. In fact you will find that by replacing some of your long rides with shorter, more intense rides you will be capable of more in terms of speed and distance.

By practicing intervals in place of some of your longer rides, you can become stronger and more resilient to the demands of hours on the bike.

Here is a sample of what your week could look like:

Session 1:

warm up for 15mins

3 x 3min intervals with 5mins rest in between

Cool down for 15mins

Session 2:

Warm up for 15mins

2 x 10min efforts with 15mins in between

Cool down for 15mins

Weekend Ride:

Build up your distances over the weekend, or just enjoy riding with your club.

To talk with me about becoming a stronger cyclist Book a Free Discovery Call

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