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How to know if you are training too much

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Exercise and cycling in particular can provide us a great outlet to distress, but for many this outlet can turn into an addiction in that we feel we cannot cope without it. As a result this can sometimes have negative health and social affects towards us.

Signs that you are experiencing an exercise addiction

As cyclists from time to time we all go through parts of our lives where cycling is a huge comfort to us and helped us get through the dark times but when does it become and unhealthy habit that we cannot break free from? Here are a few signs that you need to reassess your training regime.

  • You exercise for no other purpose than that you just have to do it everyday

  • The idea of having a day off terrifies you

  • You are tired all the time and lack energy

  • You don't make plans with friends because it gets in the way of your training

  • You just are not making any improvements

  • You lack any purpose or goals

  • You get repetitive injuries

  • You stop having periods

Why an exercise addiction can go unnoticed.

With all addictions it is hard to admit that is is causing problems as it is often a safety net for us. The thing about an exercise addiction is that you have the appearance of doing something that is very healthy so it is hard for other to challenge.

How to overcome your exercise addiction

  • Just learn to take some time off when you need it. Recharge your batteries. You don't have to give up your love of the sport you just have to learn it's ok to be without it for small periods of your life.

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