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How to ride for longer

One of the great things about cycling is that you can explore new places and challenge yourself to ride for longer as your fitness improves.

Do you often find that you do not know where to go?

Do you worry that you will find the route too challenging?

Do you worry about how far you can take yourself?

Without building a good base of endurance fitness embarking on cycling for long periods of time can be feel strenuous. The good news is that you can build up your fitness over time so that long weekend rides become a relaxing Sunday morning routine.

Consistency is Key

The most important thing to consider is consistency. You need to be going out regularly and build on your distance. Create a plan and build it up over time. Each weekend cycle a little further.

Plan your routes

Do your research, read my previous post on exploring new roads to help with route planning. With most route planners you can see how long the ride is in distance and how much climbing is involved through the elevation. Motivate yourself by visiting new places or get familiar with certain routes and just extend it to make it a little further each time.

Get to know your body

Be reflective after each ride, what did you find most challenging? Was it harder than last time? What was the biggest achievement in this ride to the last. It should give you the confidence to take further steps.

After a while the rides you once found a challenge will feel easier and even sometimes they will feel hard again, as you are tired. But be consistent in what you do and you will gain the confidence and resilience in cycling for longer rides.

If you want the support of a coach to help you realise your potential book a free video call

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