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Is Cycling an Expensive Sport?

Updated: May 6

Cycling if often conceived as quite an expensive sport. With the cost of bikes going up to £10,000. Not to mention cycling kits on the market costing £100's, then there is the technology, events, travel, coaching and whatever new thing has just come out.

You don't need all the top gear to get started

What do you need to get started

  • A bike You can get started with any bike. If you looking for a good road bike that you are going to love for years expect to spend around £1000. Many bike shops offer interest free monthly payments. Check out my previous post on what you should know before purchasing your first road bike for guidance. Once you have you bike you can upgrade your groupset or wheels for example as they wear out.

  • A helmet Helmets vary in price, the more expensive models will just be lighter, so if you are on a budget as long as the helmet meets the safety requirements it will be fine.

  • Cycle clothing Cycling specific clothing will make a difference to you comfort on the bike and help you be prepared for the weather. A good pair of padded shorts and a jersey will be good for the summer. For the winter, leg and arm warmers, a winter jacket, shoe covers and gloves will see you through the winter.

  • Basic tools Whilst out on your bike ensure you carry with you spare inner tubes, a hand pump and tyre levers in case of a puncture.

  • Cycle Shoes If you are a beginner don't feel you need to rush out to get cycle shoes. However, they will really help you once you gain the confidence to use them.

  • Technology Cycle computers are great to log your rides and helping you with navigation and training. However through a smart phone you can track your rides and follow routes through programs such as strava and ride with gps. I would suggest getting a bike specific mount.

What Cycling Gives you Back

Yes, there is an initial financial investment involved in cycling. However, remember that being out on consider what it give you.

Time out on your bike is free!
  • Activities for every weekend of the year no need to think what to do for the weekend. Time spend out on the bike, could have been time you would otherwise spend shopping or out eating or drinking.

  • A Network of Positive People The cycling community is generally friendly and welcoming and will help support you get out on your bike. A day out on your bike is often a great day out with your friends.

  • Benefits to your health Cycling is proven to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. I don't think that we can put a price on that.

Personally I acknowledge that the time spend on my bike is a huge benefit to my life and that it provides with with focus, mental clarity, an identity and physical fitness. I am also aware that the time I spent cycling I spend little more than a coffee stop, so I actually put away a bit of money each month for bike related costs, that I get lots of joy from.

To get more out of your cycling experience Book a Free Intro Call with me to talk about your cycling goals.

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