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Is Winter Riding Leaving You Hungry?

Updated: May 6

Now that the weather is getting cooler do you find that you are coming home from your rides feeling hungrier? Are you craving more comfort food?

It's not just because the festive season is on it's way, there is actually science behind it. In fact we use more energy by training in cold weather. So training on a cold day you would burn more calories and use up more energy than training in warmer weather.

What keeps you warm and how it uses energy

Through the act of exercising your body will warm up and your bodies natural cooling system will still be in use, which is sweat.

The act act of shivering will use up energy and keep you warm

Food itself will keep you warm

Breathing in cold air will use up more energy as your body will heat the air

Just be mindful if you are low on energy when cycling in the cold that it could be that you need to eat a little more. If you are working on loosing weight don't let it set you off track and follow the guidance in my blog on Cycling and Weight loss.

Share in the comments, are you feeling a difference in your appetite from cycling in the cold?

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