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Let Cycling Be Your Freedom!

For many of us we love cycling as it gives us a sense of freedom. This freedom can be interpreted as escaping from our worries, being able to take on challenges to free ourselves from negative beliefs, to just feeling free to be outdoors.

Let's explore how we can feel free when cycling.

Cycling gives us freedom from worries

As with doing many exercises cycling can take you to a Flow State, where you gain a special level of focus. You can focus on positive things and learn to solve problems, rather than be stuck worrying about bad things that might happen. Through cycling you can be taken to a new headspace, you are doing something, but it does not involve much thought, so it is soothing for the brain.

Cycling Frees Ourselves From Negative Beliefs

If you are committed to taking on new challenges, you can improve your fitness and your quality of life. You can do it, through your own determination and dedication. You visit new places by bike and you can do things that once were not possible for you.

Just Feel Free by Being Outdoors

Being outdoors in nature can reduce stress. Just being around nature reduces your stress hormones. Also, getting out of the house or away from your working environment for a bike ride or a walk can free you from your worries and bring you back in a better mood.

Share in the comments, why do you think you feel free when cycling?

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