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Listen to Our Latest Podcast - An Insight To Our Cycling Camps

In this episode myself, Elspeth the founder of GGSC and the creator of our cycling camps firstly answers the most frequently asked questions from women about the camps.

I particularly get asked if there is an age limit for attending the camps. The more and more we run the camps the more I realise that we cannot define a women's cycling ability by their age. We have a lot of women attending who are 60+, who are very strong. It is very inspiring and a breath of fresh air to meet women of this age with such a young outlook and level if activity on our camps. We do have different levels of our camps, you can find more details here.

We also hear from Katy who has now attended 3 camps. Katy is a very strong cyclist from Ireland and loves having the opportunity to cycle with other women.

Mel shares with us how she doesn't like to do anything better during her school holidays as a school teacher and how she feels she is taken care of throughout the week.

Jane talks about how she was a little nervous about the hills before coming on the camp, but feels she is given the right guidance to pace herself on the hills and gain confidence riding in a group.

Jordana who attended our first camp in September 2021 and when she returned to our advanced camp in September 22 talks about the difference of the levels.

We also hear from Stephen who works at the camps as a guide and also support. He shares how he really enjoys working at an all female camp as he finds that women are keen to learn from the extensive knowledge and experience he has.

I will also share with you what I love about the camps and why I feel proud to be riding with such inspirational women in the GGSC colours on the roads on Mallorca.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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