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Listen to Our Latest Podcast with Sarah King, team manager of LDN Academy 👂

In this episode of of the Girls Get Strong Cycling Podcast Elspeth is joined by Sarah King. Sarah is the team manager of London based road cycling team, LDN Academy.

Sarah first talks about how she started cycling at a young age and the great support that she received along the way. Although she is now really happy to see so many more opportunities and pathways for female cyclist to progress in the sport today.

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Sarah has a great ethos within the team and their mantra is happy head=happy legs. Where she believes the importance of taking the time to support all members of the team with their progression. What is unique about the team is that they also have a mentor scheme where cyclists with more experience in racing mentor members of the team. This has been beneficial for both the mentor who has the opportunity to reflect on where they have developed as cyclists and also the mentee who has the support of someone who h can share their knowledge and experience.

Sarah shares how LDN Academy is not focused on results, although I have seen so many photos of podiums. I expect this is a result of how she focuses on the teams development in working together as a team during races and them all playing a part in the success of riders in the team.

LDN Academy does not receive any funding and Sarah puts in all her time and commitment voluntarily around her work and own cycling schedule. As with many women's teams the biggest barrier is funding, so she is actively looking for sponsors that would be interested in sharing part of the journey of this amazing project.

With the season coming to an end LDN Academy will soon to be accepting applications for cyclists wishing to race with the team for the 2024 season. Look out on their social media @ldn_academy, of how to apply.

You can listen to the full episode here:

You can also listen to this and all episodes on APPLE or SPOTIFY

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