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Listen to the latest episode of our Podcast with Sports Doctor Addy Bamberg 👂

In this epiosde Elspeth, your host is lucky enough to be joined by Addy Bamberg. Addy is a sports doctor passionate about women practicing and competing in sport throughout their lives. She will be sharing what a sports doctor actually does and common problems that women face as athletes.

Addy is a resident of Mallorca and a passionate cyclists, she shares why she loves cycling in Mallorca and how she trained through pregnancy. Firstly Addy shares how she was previously a swimmer, but once she moved to Mallorca she fell in love with cycling. What she loved was that you can just got out on your bike onto beautiful roads without having to deal with any traffic.

Addy explains to us the different types of sports doctors such as being at events to deal with accidents to helping athletes get back to sport when they are unwell. Many of us have probably been there with a doctor that just does not understand that we don't want to rest and it's not always good for our mental health or the high level of fitness we have.

Addy herself with young daughter trained through pregnancy and goes through how to do it safely and in fact many of us are the strongest right after giving birth, I guess we know how to get in the pain cave!

A common problem that women face is fatigue and over exhaustion, more than men, Addy shares how we navigate this issue and we don't need to give up on sport completely.

It's a great privilege for Addy to share her knowledge with us on our health as cyclists. Addy works with many cyclists online particularly women. You can contact her to see how she can help you.

WhatsApp: +34 684405339

Instagram: @addy.bamberg

You can listen to the episode on APPLE and SPOTIFY

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