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Making Friends with Your Indoor Trainer

At this time of year getting outside on your bike can become more of a challenge. The days are getting shorter, so maybe it's impossible to get a ride in before or after work. The weather can become unpredictable or even impossible to go out at all. However you don't have to lose your fitness over the winter if you can make friends with your indoor trainer.

We know that for some the idea of training indoors goes against what you love about cycling by being indoors, but by keeping those pedals moving all year you can be a faster cyclist outdoors and combat the hills better when they present themselves.

Here's some tips and motivation to help you make friends with your indoor trainer to become a stronger cyclist.

  • Firstly, getting a trainer and setting it up can feel quite daunting. Initially the technology part can feel a little overwhelming. But even for the biggest technophobes they can make peace with it after a little initial frustration. I can recommend Wahoo trainers as they are fairly user friendly. I would recommend setting aside a good few hours, just to get it all set up with just a 5-10min ride to ensure it's all working.

  • Make it social. Using an indoor trainer doesn't have to be a solitary experience, with apps like zwift, you can arrange meet ups with friends of all over the world.

  • Create a plan and have some targets. The main benefit of your indoor trainer is that you don't have to deal with the unpredictability of the weather, so there really is far less excused other than your own motivation or poor time management if you don't get your workouts done.

  • Get support from a coach. Training indoors can be less motivating, we get that. But with structured workouts and detailed goals from your coach it can make the time on your trainer so much more beneficial in terms of your mental focus and of course making those leaps in fitness year on year.

Find out how we can support you with your winter training, by booking a free discovery call

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