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The Benefits of Cycling Through the Winter

We all know that we would much prefer to be cycling under the beautiful sunshine, rather than have to put on layers and brace the cold temperatures. But keeping out momentum through the winter months will give you so much pleasure and also improve your fitness as a cyclist. Also read my blog on staying focused during the winter.

Here are just a few benefits to keep you motivated to cycle through the winter months.

  • Improve your fitness. This one is a no brainer, by keeping to a regular schedule all year, come spring you are going to be a stronger cyclist physically and mentally. It's understandable that the weather and hours of light will bring on more challenges, so we recommend that you compliment outdoor cycling with and indoor trainer.

  • Experience nature. The winter months can be beautiful and it can be very invigorating and great for your mental health to experience the outdoors. There will be nothing more satisfying than getting home, having a hot drink and knowing you did something positive.

  • Be sociable. There is a great sense of camaraderie getting outdoors and braving the winter weather. We could even call it character building and you will meet some great characters that are dedicated to cycling during the winter months.

Cycling through the winter months can be very pleasurable, investing in some good winter kit will make a real difference.

As a note of caution, don't attempt to ride if there is a risk of ice.

To talk with me about our Cycling Camps or getting stronger with coaching, Book a free discovery call.

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