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Tips For What To Wear Cycling

One of the biggest transitions we make from being an ordinary person to a cyclist is the cycling kit.

As much as cycling kit has become a fashion statement and many of us probably spend more money on cycling kits than actual clothes, cycling apparel is functional. Some aspects will protect us in terms of safety and others to make us more comfortable so we can go for longer and some will just make us look great!

Here are 3 key items every cyclist should be wearing:

A helmet

Crazy how it seems there is a small handful of cyclists that will go out without a helmet. Always ride with a helmet. Unfortunately accidents do happen and it's important to protect your head. Here is a guide how to wear your helmet.

Cycling Shorts

I know so many people that refuse to wear padded cycling shorts, as they think they look stupid. Maybe they do to non-cyclists, but if you are a cyclist it's the norm. One thing as a cyclist is that you want to avoid chaffing. Bib shorts are recommended for this reason. A common mistake is to wear underwear with your cycling shorts, you want the least amount of fabric in that area again for the big problem on chaffing. You can check out the GGSC cycling kit here

A Sports Bra

Sports Bras are designed is designed to keep everything in and allow for movement.

After that the list goes on.... cycling jerseys, sunglasses, mitts, arm warmers, gillets, buffs, rain jacket....

If you would like the support from a cycling coach to be a better cyclist, Book a Free Discovery Call

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