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What is a Power Meter?

Updated: May 6

A power meter is a devise on your bike that measured how much power output you can can produce. The power is measured in watts. You may have a noticed that if you use a smart trainer, you can see your watts and your power output. With a power meter you can measure you watts outdoors also.

Why get a power meter?

Not everyone is going to benefit from a power meter if you are not interested in structured training and pushing yourself intelligently through intervals, then a power meter could just be an annoying and confusing distraction with little purpose. With a power meter you can work out your zones and identity at what power output you should be push and for specific durations, often with the help of a coach. You can also work out your heart rate zones and train in this way, but with heart rate there can often be lots more variables that affect your readings.

What options are there?

Prices of power meters have come down and you can get them from around £200 for a single sides arm that will just measure one side. Also, crank based power meters that are more accurate and pedal based power meters with the benefit of being able to switch over bike. Prices will go up to around £1000.

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