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Why You Should Watch the Tour De France Femmes

Updated: Feb 15

If anyone has noticed the Tour de France Femmes is finally happening this week. It's been exciting to see women's cycling getting more exposure and the riders getting the celebration of the hard work that they put into their careers.

But I think that the Tour de France Femmes represents so much more for women's cycling. I think that any female cyclist can recognise the differences in opportunities to females compared to men.

Whether it be buying your first or cycling kit or your first bike, the majority of products will be aimed at men and also with their promotional material with men at the core of the sport. Then joining your local cycling club where socially it can be intimidating with few women and the physical differences in strength are frustrating. If you are interested in starting racing you can easily find local races with a big field of men of all abilities, compared with women of a races of vast abilities and fewer participants.

Things are changing more opportunities are being made for women and the biggest most publicised cycling race The Tour de France is recognising it. So how will watching the Tour de France Femmes help keep the momentum in growing women's cycling? Firstly the Tour de France and sponsors want to make money, the more popular the event is the stronger future it will have, with longer races and hopefully a bigger prize fund. Our roles models will be celebrated and can encourage more women at club level. Unfortunately, there is little money to even set up smaller teams, so with women's cycling becoming more on par with mens teams women can get the sponsorship it deserves.

If you would like to do more as a female cyclist book a free discover call to find out about our coaching or cycling camps.

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